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Datacard Tactile Impression

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Datacard have revolutionised the world of on card security with the introduction of Tactile Impression.

What is tactile impression?
Tactile impression is the use of a die (custom or generic) to imprint into the PVC ID card. Simply in nature but secured by design.

How secure is the tactile impression?
This feature is in our opinion the most secure and cost effective form of on card security. The use of tactile impression adds another layer of security and protects against fraud and counterfeit by causing the laminate to tear is an attempt to remove it to alter the information underneath.

If you combine a custom tactile impression die and a holographic laminate (custom or generic), it will create what is most likely the highest form of on card security.
Why take chances with your departments or organisations security with basic on card security such as watermark or generic laminates.

For more information on the Tactile Impression check out the below articles

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  1. Datacard CD800 Card Printer with Tactile Impression Feature

    Datacard CD800 Card Printer with Tactile Impression Feature
    Sku: HCMDCD800-Tactile-Impression

    The Datacard CD800 card printer with Tactile Impression comes standard as double sided, single sided lamination (double sided available) USB and ethernet connectivity.
    Other inclusions are ID Centre Lite, power pack, power and USB cables.
    This item is factory install and can have a lengthy delivery date, please call to confirm before purchase. Learn More
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