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KEY-BAK High Quality Retractable Key Holders

ID Supplies is now offering a unique range of KEY-BAK Retractable Key Holders.

Behind every KEY-BAK retractable is over 69 years of experience and reputation, with each reel being verified with over 1 million pulls with an estimated life of over 10 years, KEY-BAK definitely offers high-quality retractable key holders!

This makes KEY-BAK retractables an invaluable tool for countless professionals who rely on secure and quick access to keys, small tools, identification and access cards.

Our range of KEY-BAK Retractable Key Holders

The-Original-KEY-BAK-Retractable-Key-Holder-IDSuppliesThe Original KEY-BAK Retractable Key Holder - Super Duty

This original retractable is perfect for;

  • Custodians and police force workers
  • Facilities and maintenance workers
  • Hospitality and casino employees
  • Mechanics and more!


  • Super Duty 91.44cm Kevlar Cord
  • Can hold up to 425g (up to 22 keys)
  • Textured black vinyl and steel case (5cm diameter)
  • Attach with either a Stainless-Steel Belt Clip, Stainless Steel Belt Loop or a Rotating Removable Belt Clip.

The-Super48-KEY-BAK-Retractable-Key-Holder-IDSuppliesThe Super48 KEY-BAK Retractable Key Holder - Heavy Duty

Don't let its size fool you, it’s much tougher than it looks. Every single aspect of this heavy-duty retractable key holder screams rugged use and hard work.

This retractable is great for;

  • Tradies and site managers
  • Correctional facility workers
  • Factory and Warehouse workers
  • Holding keys, small tools, and other items.


  • Heavy Duty 1.2m Kevlar Cord - tested to over 1 million pulls!
  • Can hold up to 283g (up to 15 keys)
  • Extra durable impact resistant black polycarbonate case (5.715cm wide)
  • Belt clip converts to a belt loop for added security with included pin.
  • Oversized 3.175cm black split ring
  • Patented locking mechanism

The-Securit-KEY-BAK-Retractable-Key-Holder-IDSuppliesThe Securit KEY-BAK Retractable Key Holder - Heavy Duty

This heavy-duty carabiner retractable key holder is the most widely used reels.


  • Heavy Duty 121.92cm Kevlar Cord
  • Can hold up to 283g (up to 15 keys)
  • Durable black polycarbonate housing (5cm diameter)
  • Length from top of the carabiner to bottom of the split ring: 17.78cm
  • Zinc Alloy carabiner and Nylon strap
  • Conveniently attaches to practically anything.

The-Sidekick-KEY-BAK-Retractable-Key-Holder-IDSuppliesThe SIDEKICK KEY-BAK Retractable Key Holder - Heavy Duty

This self-retracting ID Badge and key holder features a that is strong whilst still being light.

This is a great option for;

  • Office workers
  • nursing and healthcare professionals
  • Holding keys, IDs and other small items such as a USB.
  • Clipping onto belt loops and bags


  • Heavy Duty 60.96cm Kevlar Cord
  • Can hold up to 114g (up to 6 Keys)
  • Durable black polycarbonate case (2.54cm diameter)
  • Professional duty lightweight zinc alloy carabiner
  • Twist-Free strap clip for connecting to an ID card and a split ring

The-Mid6-KEY-BAK-Retractable-Key-Holder-IDSuppliesThe Mid6 KEY-BAK Retractable Key Holder - Standard Duty


  • Standard Duty 91.44cm Polyester Cord
  • Can hold up to 170g (up to 10 keys)
  • Durable polycarbonate case (4.4cm diameter)
  • Available with Rotating Steel Belt Clip or Carabiner attachment
  • Available with a Strap Clip or a Split Ring fitting

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