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Matica ID card printers

Print reliably with Matica ID card printers from ID Supplies


ID Supplies is now proud to offer customers Matica Technologies' range, which are known as the best and most reliable retransfer ID card printers on the market. Matica, formerly known as EDI, has four printer models that are each designed for organisations with different ID needs.


When buying a Matica printer through ID Supplies, customers will also receive our service guarantee, which consists of three things:


  • Free yearly basic service for the life of the products warranty;

  • Free standard service prior to the warranty period expiry;

  • Free technical support for the product.

ID Supplies is headquartered in New South Wales, but we also offer service across Australia, including in Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about ID card printers, as well as a closer look at the specifications of each Matica model.

Why use Matica plastic ID card printers?

Matica machines are higher quality than most other machines on the market, meaning they tend to last longer and work better. This, combined with our service guarantee for the life of the warranty, means a Matica printer will be a great investment in the long run.

As you will see further on, the Matica range is also uniquely versatile, offering customers a range of customisable options and allowing for a large amount of flexibility.


Can I save money with in-house plastic ID card printing?

Yes - if your organisation or government entity brings on a large number of new employees every year, printing IDs in-house will likely be less expensive than renting a printer every time a new batch of workers comes in.

Are plastic card printers easy to use?

In addition to coming with a comprehensive instruction manual, the Matica printers are straightforward machines with LCD displays that show easy-to-understand instructions. If in need of extra help, customers can reach out to our technical support team.

Are plastic card printers compatible with windows?

Yes - the Matica range is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

The Matica Range

The four Matica models carried by ID Supplies are great options for customers with high printing needs. See the technical specifications below.

The XID8100

  • Entry-level printer - perfect for corporations or government entities that want to quickly and reliably print in-house.

  • Prints up to 102 single-sided cards per hour - can be customised to print double-sided.

  • 300 dots per inch (dpi) resolution for crisp images.

  • Can print on PVC, ABS, PET, hybrid card constructions and even Polycarbonate.

  • Front-loading system for easy supply changing.

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The XID8300

  • The next step up - a great option for higher-security companies that need extra features on their ID cards.

  • Can be customised with optional magnetic stripe, IPSec data protection, Security black data erase, UV ink printing, IC contact and smart card encoding - all to protect the confidential data organisations put into their ID cards.

  • Faster than the XID8100 - prints up to 120 cards per hour.

  • Can also be ordered with a bend remedy (keeps cards flat) and a flipper module (for double-sided cards).

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XID8600_Front_RGB_300dpiCMYK_30x27.pngThe XID8600

  • The high-resolution printer - an ideal choice for organisations in need of superbly crisp cards, such as driver licenses or national IDs.

  • Prints at 600 dpi (twice the resolution of an average printer) and can also do electronic fine line printing for small details.

  • Comes automatically with a flipper to print double-sided IDs, and delivers 120 cards per hour.

  • Can also be customised with the same security modules as the XID8300 if necessary.

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Matica_XL8300_side_72dpi.jpgThe XL8300

  • Matica's innovative model - a large-format card printer designed specifically for events, such as the Olympics, sports competitions, trade shows and exhibitions.

  • Prints large-format IDs in high resolution (300 dpi) at a speed of 128 single-sided cards per hour.

  • Can print text, logos and images in UV ink for extra security - is also customisable with extra encoding modules.

  • Works great for both large events (the machine is compact and easy to transport) and corporations in need of immediate personal identification.

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For more information about the Matica models, or to get a quote on one of these high-quality retransfer card printers, reach out to ID Supplies today.

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